HPE RDX - RDX - 3 TB / 6 TB

HPE RDX - RDX - 3 TB / 6 TB Q2047A
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  • Designed for long life expectancy
  • Tested to withstand a drop of 1 m making it easy to transport and store offsite for disaster recovery
  • Rugged cartridges protect data from harsh environmental conditions when transporting outside the office or storing offsite
  • Built-in static protection eliminating server failures due to statically charged peripherals
  • Inner buffers designed to lower vibration for better read/write disk performance
  • Disk spanning capabilities giving the ability to add cartridges during backup process
  • Fixed disk mode capabilities offering easy server operating system integration in a small business environment
  • The cartridges provide full forwards and backwards compatibility and are designed to work with higher-capacity cartridges as they are introduced
The HPE RDX removable disk cartridge is a rugged and removable hard disk drive cartridge that provides offsite data protection and quick access to your most critical data. Backups are simple and easy with drag and drop file access and fast disk based performance.


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