Cisco UCS B22 M3 Blade Server - blad - ingen CPU - 0 MB - 0 GB

Cisco UCS B22 M3 Blade Server - blad - ingen CPU - 0 MB - 0 GB UCSB-B22-M3-CH2
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Forventet inn: 31.12.18
ProsessorIngen CPU
Minne (installert)0 MB
Maks minne384 GB
  • Decreases total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the number of NICs, HBAs, switches, and cables needed
  • Helps reduce the number of manual steps required to deploy servers in the data center, improving server policy consistency and coherency
  • Allows servers and support infrastructure to be provisioned in minutes instead of days, shifting IT's focus from maintenance to strategic initiatives
  • Reduces configuration errors significantly as blades are added or repurposed
  • Enables service profile movement from blade server to blade server, rack server to blade server, blade server to rack server, or blade server to blade server in another chassis
  • Allows use of user thresholds to optimize environmental management of the blade
This server increases compute density through more cores and cache balanced with more memory capacity and drives and faster I/O. Together these server improvements and complementary Cisco UCS system advancements deliver the best combination of features and cost efficiency to support It's diverse needs. The Cisco UCS B22 M3 Blade Server delivers a feature set with a balanced price-to-performance ratio to help enable quick deployment of scalable IT infrastructure and Web 2.0 applications.


Office Center Hønefoss AS
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